Chinese e-commerce, online payment methods and contracts


I am in the midst of setting up a travel company with a colleague of mine which specifically designs and carries out UK tours for incoming Chinese tourists.

I wondered if anyone knew the answers to a few specific issues?
1. Can we get our Chinese contact to buy the .cn names and host the website in China on our behalf, even if he/she doesn’t run the business advertised on the website?
2. Can we NOT have a company in China, buy the .cn domain names, and redirect to our UK site? Would this work?
3. Is it possible to use ANY chinese online payment method (alipay etc) without being a registered company in China (i.e. get money paid to us in the UK through our website using Alipay). I am aware Paypal may be able to, but there seems to be a distinct lack of trust or recognition there.
4. Is it possible for our UK side web designer to do China SEO from the UK with the help of a Native Chinese speaker? As I have been informed the baidu’s methods are very similar to that of Google, and thus might be workable with a native speaker on hand to help.
5. Do China-UK contracts work as they do in European law? Specifically, can we specify in our contracts with Chinese agents that UK law is applicable to contracts and agreements?
And do these contracts need to be in both Chinese and English?

I’d really appreciate any help or advice available. Thanks so much for your help in advance..

Many thanks and kind regards,

Jay Smith

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