China factory export license


We have been purchasing injection-moulded plastic items for import to the UK. Our (UK-based) customer owns the moulds, and has now decided to return them to the UK. The Chinese factory says it has an export license for the plastic parts, but not for the moulds, and therefore cannot (yet) send them to the UK via Hong Kong. Is this likely to be the case, and if so, what has to be done to get such a license?



Please confirm if you required an International Import Certificate to import the finished plastic items.

Also please advise HS Commodity / Tariff codes for both finished moulded articles and the actual molds.

Also please advise end use & if these items could have a military function.

If this information is commercially sensitive you can contact me via email using the details below.

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Please take care when discussing matters with your Chinese factory to clarify the terms used.
A ‘licence’ can have many meanings. In China companies have to register with the Government in order to be allowed to export. It may be this registration has to be amended to add approval to ship mouldings rather than their usual products. This could easily be what your factory means rather than what we in the UK would understand as an export licence. There will certainly be a timescale and a cost associated with such an amendment.


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