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I am looking for sources for Chicken Feet for our buyers in China.

We have confirmed an order with a buyer and our regular supplier has had trouble providing us with a full order for the next season. We are contracted to do 2-5 containers a month for Grade A or Grade B Chicken Feet.

Source from UK / Ireland / Europe would be preferred but I am looking abroad also.

We normally enter contracts at 3 months minimum but our view is to establish long term contracts with our clients so that we build a long lasting company. We also are involved with other meat products but we are interested in Chicken Feet for the reasons above.

Any assistance is most appreciated
A1 Foods (UK) Ltd


HI Daniel,

Can I suggest that you lookor join LinkedIn which is kind of social media for Business professionals. There are numerous groups anf forums that you can see people asking for all types of meat/poultry products.

Many of my clients get a significant amount of business from connections on there.

All the Best



Hi Daniel,

I am suggest contacting our partner in China – The China Britain Business Council will be able to help you with your enquiry.

Best regards,

The British Chambers of Commerce Team



I would suggest checking with DEFRA at the outset as I believe that there are currently no health certificates for the export of chicken feet to China.

You may also want to check with British Poultry Council.


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