CGEA Replacement


Can the team point me to a help line with regard to the export of Syntactic Foams. How do I now register for what used to be CGEA



Please take a look at the following link

On this page you can check which licences are applicable to your product and register to use the BIS Export Control Organisation’s database called SPIRE. You use SPIRE to apply for licences.



Hi – the CGEA was replaced by the European Union General Export Authorisation EU001. This covers exports of certain dual-use goods to the following markets:
Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland (including Liechtenstein) USA. If you are shipping ot other countries you should check out the other UGEA or a UK OGEL.

You must make sure you know the dual-use category of your Syntactic Foams and ensure it isn’t excluded from the General Export Authorisation.

If you meet the terms and conditions of the General Export Authorisation you must register prior to first time use via the SPIRE website. You will be audited by the UK Export Control Organisation (ECO) within 6 months of registration so ensure you keep adequate records and evidence that your exports comply with the terms and conditions of the approval


Hi there, I have the best person for you Michael Brosch:[email protected]. Just State that Natalie Hibbert informed you in regards to his expertise’s and he will be most helpful.

Good Luck

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