Under what circumstances is a CofO required. We are looking to export toothpaste and mouthwash (no Alcohol) outside the EU



We always suggest asking your end customer or importer in the destination country what documentation they require. They are likely to know what documents they require to clear customs.

If a Certificate of Origin is requested you may also need to ask what type and whether legalisation is required. This is often the case for Arab League countries.

You can apply online for the Certificate of Origin at www.e-zcert.com and your local Chamber of Commerce will issue the document. Rules within e-z Cert will guide you whether to use electronic stamps and signatures or original, as the rules can vary per country.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,
Ian James.


Thank you for your prompt response, much appreciated!


I agree with Ian.
At the stage of setting up the customer on your system I would advise to ask them what documentation they need. Also how detailed they want the packing list.
Lebanese customs requirements are different to Taiwanese for example.
Your customer in the middle east might say they don’t want it legalised. So when you are in the e-zert.com portal and you say its for say Kuwait then it will say it needs to be an Arabic CofO. if you cancel that and choose the standard one then it opens a dialogue boxand asks you again so that they indemnify themselves. If on the other hand your customer does want it legalise then follow the suggested route on the website. There is also a help line as well.

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