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I need to apply for a Certificate of Free Sale for Kuwait for Vitamin Supplements. Can any body help please?


Dear Ian,

Please see information below – taken from the Market Access Database: www.madb.europe.eu relating to the Free Sale Certificat required for import of vitamin products into Kuwait:
Free Sale Certificate
Last updated on 30 Apr 2013
Data provided by Mendel Verlag
A document confirming that the goods in question are freely sold in the country of origin.
May be required for market access. The document is usually a prerequisite for the registration of medicinal and related products, e.g. for the documents entitled Registration of Medicinal Products, Registration of Herbal Medicines, Registration of Cosmetic Products and Registration of Foodstuffs Supplements. Depending on the type of product, it may be replaced by a Certificate of a Pharmaceutical Product.
In general, the certificate is issued by an appropriate authority or another institution in the country of origin, e.g. the chamber of commerce.
The Free Sale Certificate is customarily prepared in English. Otherwise, a translation into English or Arabic may be required.
Please note:
The certificate is usually to be certified by the chamber of commerce or any other appropriate authority and subsequently to be legalised by the Kuwaiti Embassy in the country of export.
For designated products, e.g. herbal medicines, the certificate must show that the goods may be sold on the market in the country of its issue for at least two years.

Minimum content:
name and address of the manufacturer
name and properties of the product, including, e.g., concentration, name(s) and quantity(ies) of active ingredient(s), composition, strength, indications, shelf life (as appropriate)
place and date of issue signature and seal of the issuing authority/institution

I hope information is useful.
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Lucy Lambden
UK Trade & Investment – East of England


Hi Lucy,

Many thanks for your answer. So do I contact my local Chamber of Commerce to arrange the certificate of free sale?




Dear Ian,

I have contacted the Herts Chamber who have advised Certificates of Free Sale are available from BIS. I have pasted further guidance below – taken from the BIS website:

The Chamber also advised they can stamp Certificates only – to demonstrate your products are on sale here in the UK.

For contact with BIS:
Department for Business, Innovation & Skills,
Queensway House
West Precinct
TS23 2NF
Tel 01642 364312
Fax: 01642 364269
Email: [email protected]
16 February 2012

I hope information is useful.
Kind regards,

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