Certificate of Free Sale for exports to Dubai


Do we need a Certificate of Free Sale to export beauty products to Dubai?


Hi Jane
Looking at the information provided on the excellent EU website Market Access Database you don’t need a Certificate of Free Sale but you will require a Halal Certificate. This is needed not just for foodstuffs but also for products that come into contact with the human body, such as cosmetics and medicinal products.

Of course your customer can always ask for additional certification so check with them.

The wonderful website is at http://madb.europa.eu


Hi Jane,
I don’t know the direct answer to your question but just wanted to let you know that I could put you in touch with some local lawyers here on the ground who could advise you on aspects of doing business and setting up in Dubai.

For your information, we are the newly formed British Centres for Business (BCB) which is a business-to-business professional services company established with the mandate to provide operational support and market entry services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to British companies. We are part of the joint UKTI/British Chambers of Commerce Overseas Business Network.

Our primary aim is to help British businesses, particularly SMEs, expand into the UAE. The core service provided by the BCB is business ‘export incubation’, to allow UK firms to formally enter the UAE market, engage in marketing and business development, secure local contracts and establish long-term plans for their company in the region by virtue of incorporating a company here.

I wish you all the best as your plans for the region unfold, and if we can be of any help in this regards then do get in touch,
Kind regards

Susie Isaacson
British Centres for Business

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