Certificate of analysis for wine


I currently import wine from around the globe into the UK. I looking to consolidate a container of mixed wine and ship to Brazil. can I use the suppliers original certificate of analysis or do I need to get a labortorities report from the UK, if so how do I go about this?


Dear Rhys,

Depending on the importers requirements, as long as the suppliers COA’s results meet with requirements it should be o.k., however you may want to have your own COA’s issued to avoid the importer seeing your suppliers details if you use their own COA’s. We have lot’s of experience in testing foodstuffs / and various consumerables for other destinations and would be happy to quote you for testing and issuing COA’s. It would be worth speaking with your customer in Brazil to see what other documentation they require and have all details / documents in advance of loading shipment, would you be selling shipment under letter of credit of terms ? Again I would be happy to quote you for shipping and assist on any documentation you would require.

Best regards

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