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I have received an enquiry from a company who would like to ascertain if their goods require CCC for export to China. Could someone advise where the company can find a definitive answer as to whether their products need a CCC.


Hi Kieran,

There are a number of websites offering services, however I would suggest that your customer contacts Intertek Testing Services as a starting point. Tel No. 01277 223255, they should be able to assist.

Your customer will need a tariff / HS Code and a full description of the products to see if they come under the list of products requiring CCC Marking.

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Hi Keiran
We have had this enquiry many times prior to clients shipping goods to China. As I understand it Any goods imported into China for re sale are subject to CCC Certification.
There is a website that explains it thoroughly as follows:
This site will explain everything you need to know and what documents you or your client will need.
Once you have this sorted I suggest they contact me for shipping requirements as we have
weekly services to every port in China fast transits and very competitive prices.

Good Luck, if you need any assistance please contact me below.

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C covers a lot of products and policies governing CCC keep changing, causing the reference lists to be very dynamic. The China Compulsory Certification (CCC) is, in essence, a safety licensing requirement put in place by the government of China it is administered by the government agency Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA). It requires manufacturers to obtain the CCC before exporting to China and/ or selling certain products in China – the products captured under CCC are specified in the CCC catalogue and it is linked to commodity code numbers. Products arriving in China not meeting CCC China Compulsory Certification requirements or without the evidence that they are compliant may be held at the border by Chinese Customs Authorities and will be subject to other penalties.The easiest thing to do to keep updated is focus on a few product lines Read more at

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