Cars to Malaysia?


Hi, ive been looking at exporting cars to such countries like malaysia as ive noticed that the car prices over there are double then those in the UK . I know theres alot of taxes,duties and regulations, and therefore putting a huge cost on these vehicles. However i know of someone who has become very successful from doing so, just intrigued to know how he has got around the barriers?

Could someone please help me by posting what kind of laws,regulations and problems i would come across if i was to sell a car over to someone in Malaysia

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Hi Dom,

I have looked into this business for a Thai client and, whilst it’s completely possible to import new & used cars to Malaysia (subject to certain conditions) you might find it easier to link up with a "parallel car Importer" (sometimes called a "grey importer" ie not a manufacturer or official agent) so they take care of all the formalities and import taxes etc. I have a list of some of these – let me know if you want it.

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Just to expand on what Keith has said. Cars are very expensive in Malaysia due to high taxes and duties. The import of used cars is also restricted. In order to import used cars an Approved Permit (AP) is required – these are only issued to ‘bumiputra’ (native Malay) companies, and are not even freely available to them.

As Keith has said, what you need to do is identify AP holders whio are interested to work with you. As importer, they will handle the application for the AP which is issued by the trade Ministry.

I see that Keith has offered to provide you a list which I can also do to help get you started. UK Trade and Investment may also be able to provide further assistance to you through our services, some of which are chargeable.

Good luck and best regards

Matthew Smith

UKTI Kuala Lumpur


Thank you both for the great responses, I have managed to message Keith for further details, but Matthew it will not allow me to message you! Could you please possibly message me on

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