Car washing in Germany?


Please, can anyone clarify the law regarding home/DIY car washing in Germany?


Hi Carl,

Could you please provide some more detail on exactly what information you are looking for?

For example, are you looking to export a product relating to car washing or to set up a car washing business in Germany? Is there a specific area of law you are concerned about (e.g. law on importing certain materials, law on setting up a company, tax law, etc.)?

The more detail you can provide, the more likely our community is to be able to provide the advice you need.

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I agree I would need more information to help too. are you looking at setting up this type of service in Germany, or are you selling a product there?


Our aim is to sell our product into the German market. We have conflicting information regarding the laws/regulation and restrictions to do with washing of cars at home/domestic/DIY. We would like to know exactly what the law is and how this impacts on the car care market?

eg if you are not allowed to wash you car at home, then there will be little or no market for DIY car care products and no market for our product. We know germany is a nation of car lovers and famous for quality, but we would like to understand what the culture is regarding car care.

We may need to focus on the professional market.

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