Car leasing in Poland


We are a UK registered company with operations across Western and Northern Europe. Having just appointed a salesperson to cover Poland we are looking to lease a car locally in that country. To date we have been told that this is not possible as we don’t have a registered legal entity in Poland. Do you have any suitable contact in Poland who can help us overcome this problem?


First of all have you obtained a REGON Number and a Social Insurance Institution Number or anything like that? If not these can be done online, and that would be a way forward.
Then go to and get an Execution Before a Notary Public the
Formation of an Entity. Register your entity with Tax Authorities for VAT purposes. This can be
done by looking at website.
There is also a company called Zalewski Consulting they have many questions and answers.
As for car rental there is an organisation called Enterprise Holdings who have a Franchise
Agreement in Poland and Czech Republic deals with any paperwork or information on Poland as well as the EUGO

I hope this is of use

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