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We be be exporting small qty’s of ladies wear to Canada and need to know full document control information. Also it would be useful to obtain details of some Forwarding agents operating services to Quebec, as we intend to grow the business.

Please advise exporting processes?

Kind Regards
Julie Rigby, Shipping Mgr


Hi Julie
The only key document you should need is a copy of your commercial invoice. As a forwarding agent, we use this to process an export entry with UK HMRC who then give the all clear to export. This is all done electronically and very quickly and is part of the services that we offer as a forwarding agent. In addition, we will also complete transport documents and can arrange delivery to door in Canada. Your customer will be responsible for payment of destination customs duty/tax. I hope the above will assist. Please feel free to call me if you have any other questions. 0800 0787 747. (0208 564 8074)


Hi Julie,

You may want to consider the European Market Access Database as a source of information per country. For Canada here are the details.

If you require this type of documentation you may want to consider a system like e-z Consign to produce an export invoice in the standardised international format. We can also help with country specific documents like the Canadian Customs Invoice. You can find out more at

Kind regards,
Ian James


Hi Julie,

As Gary above says – you will need a Commercial Invoice And Packing List, But more importantly you will need to have an EORI Number to export the goods abroad. An EORI Number forms part of your VAT Number. This is very important before you even attempt to export. We also have freight forwarding services into Canada and our own office in Quebec, Montreal, Toronto that assist buyers with Customs Clearance and deliveries. They are also there to give sound advice to the buyer when needed.
If I can be of assistance further please email me below.

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