Can you put your branding on top of the Union Flag?


One of our clients has asked whether there is any restriction on the use of the Union Flag on their promotional material and I’m pretty that it OK.

However, is there any restriction with putting their “tag” line or a phrase over the image?

Also I know there will be restriction on certain phrases such as “Made in Great Britain” as they belong to associations – is there anywhere central I can check this information?

Many thanks in advance


Thank you for your question. It has been approved and you should hopefully see some useful answers soon. Best of luck!



A number of approaches to this…

Nothing to stop you running content across the union flag, there are thousands of legitimate logos out there comprised of any number of flag/text combinations, but I would suggest it be done with some consideration as anything that lacks sophistication could be detrimental to your brand.

Take a look at the work we did for Forthglade foods You’ll notice it’s been used in the background of a roundel. Nothing to stop you running a bar of content across the middle too, either way it’s a design decision.

Another option would be to register with the made in Britain campaign and use their excellent logo which has been picking up pace as the recognised marque for British made everywhere.

Hope that helps, Bill

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