Can you please help us source packing stations in southern germany?


We want to send our bulk product to southern germany and find a company who can convert them into a retail/mail order format.
ie. a packing station



Call 0845 074 3515 and ask to meet up with an International Trade Adviser. They will be able to explain how you can link up with the UKTI team in Germany who can find a suitable partner for you in Germany, and help you understand the various option available to you.



An Adviser from Enterprise Europe Network contacted Kim and sourced a potential packing company in Southern Germany. They are now looking for a more specific type of packing company for Plantopia.


We are a freight forwader based in Essex if you need prices to ship your products please contact us and we will help.

Kind regards
Dave Eales e mail
Excel Shipping Limited
Tel 01708 515151

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