Can you help Retailers with Asia Pacific expansion plans?


The third annual World Retail Congress is Asia Pacific’s largest gathering of Retail CEOs in the region. Hosted in Singapore 7-9 March 2013, next year’s meeting will see over 600 international retailers, experts and business leaders come together to explore the solutions to the challenges and opportunities facing retailers operating in Asia.

Delegates are attending to resource solutions enhancing all aspects of thier business including:
ecommerce and mobile channel management
brand migration
payment solutions
property management
logistics and transportation
customer analytics
market research
legal advice
supply chain

If you are able to provide advice around these challenges, please contact me to discuss how we can partner to present the event.


Dear Michelle,

Thank you for your question.

It is likely that UK Trade & Investment are taking a group of UK companies out to this event.

The best person to contact is Michael Head who is the Senior Sector Manager for the Retail Sector. His email address is


Jennie Rich


Hi there

It may be good to provide information on translation, how to avoid costly mistakes that large global companies have made in the past, making sure your brand makes sense in a foreign market etc. I could provide information if this is of value?


Sam Rhodes

Export Action Plan