Can you give me a brief outline of the taxes and charges to export goods to the US?


We are a hand printed cards and stationery company based in the UK and we are looking to grow business in the US. We are currently stocked in a few international stores, including one in New York, but we are looking to expand.
We are probably looking at hiring space to store goods but in order to send such large quantities of paper/stationery what kind of taxes and charges are we looking at?
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Hi Georgia

Depends on how much you’ve got to send! We regularly handle consignments to the US, I would be happy to run through the ins and outs and give you some indicative pricing if you would like to call (02392 756575) or email ([email protected]) me with some more information like number of cartons or pallets, weights, dimensions – even estimates at this stage are okay, where in the UK we would collect and where in the US they would be destined for – we can go from there.

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Hi Georgia

We as a Company have offices in the USA, if you woould like to provide a Value , number of pieces, size, weight, destination and collection point, we can gladly advise, freight costs and landed costs in the USA including and duty and taxes applicable.

Many thanks

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Hi Georgia,

I am the Business Development Associate in Craft/Giftware for UK Trade & Investment at the British-Consulate in NYC. We handle more of the market research side of things, but I can definitely direct you to the right resources!

I believe that the tariff on this type of product is 0% but you should consult the official resources below to be sure about that:

1. Classification Code
The product/goods will require a customs Classification Code before you can identify the duty or import rates applicable. Call the Customs CLASSIFICATION HOTLINE – Tel: 01702 366 077 TARIFF (UK), Mon-Fri 8.30-5.00.

2. Duty Rates
The United States International Trade Commission website provides international trade statistics and US Tariff data to the public full-time and free of charge. Directions for easy access:
1. Select TARIFF DATABASE (on left side of page)
2. Click – Yes, go to USITC Year 2013 Tariff Database (Needs to be updated for 2014)
3. Enter Classification number in the box (only type the first 6 digits) and click ‘List Items’
4. Click on relevant ‘detail’
5. The rate is quoted under MFN (Most Favoured Nation)

Contact Information for US Customs

Office of Customs & Border Protection
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20229
Customer Service Centre: (001) 703 526 4200

Or, speak with a Customs Agent at the port of entry where your goods will enter, which you can find on the CBP website. Click the state, then the port, then call the general phone number and ask to speak with the customs agent in the sector that your goods fall within.

Or, you can hire a Customs Broker. Approved brokers by state can be found through that Port of Entry link above. Click the state, then the port, then click the ‘View List’ link for Brokers.

Victoria Harman
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