Can we export live breeding sheep to Russia?


We have a customer in Russia looking for Romney Marsh breeding Sheep. Can we export live sheep from UK to Russia?

We are a Company based in Cheshire importing Livestock into the UK


Thank you for your question. It has been approved and you should hopefully see some useful answers soon. Best of luck!



Yes. You can export live breeding sheep to Russia.

You will need a veterinary health certificate, issued in the UK and an import permit issued in Russia (we can help with this in return for fees). We also recommend that you have all your export paperwork prepared in Russian by our certification partners. This is not going to be £50.

Are UK Romneys commercial? I might be at the Royal Welsh this week.
Will you be?

I can’t speak for transport conditions. If you meet EU standards of livestock care you should be fine.


I believe this is the latest list of products that are subject to the Russian ban:

A further information note from the European Commission can also be found here:

These documents both indicate that export of live sheep should not be affected by Russia’s ban on imports from the EU.

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