Can we export bespoke cabinetry to Kenya


We are a bespoke cabinetry firm based in Dorset, looking into exporting our cabinetry to the hi end market in Kenya


Dear Suzanne
there should not be to much of a problem in shipping to cabinetry to Kenya.The consignee
would need to apply for idf which allows for tax penalty reduction upon import in Kenya
after the shipment passes a inspection by Intertek /SGS th UK. please contact us
directly on phone 01263 513127 or email [email protected]. concerning freight rates
best regards
Colin.Crown Freight Ltd


Information on the Customs requirements for exporting is given in HMRC Public Notice 275. All notices can be found on our website under Quick Links > Library > Official Statistics – Publications – Notices, Info Sheets & Other Reference Materials > Import, Export & International Trade. The Public Notices are in numerical order.

I would also suggest that you contact the Kenyan Customs Authorities to ascertain if there are any import restrictions on such items.

HM Revenue & Customs
Customs International Trade & Excise


Dear Suzanne

Check with you importer / buyer if they have clearing agent in Kenya and if so check what the importer needs to allow the goods to be imported.

If you are selling to first time importers please contact me for further advice and i can put the importers in touch with our agent.

We opearte a weekly service to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania so will be only to happy to help.

Kind regards
Dave Eales e mail [email protected]
Excel Shipping Limited
Tel 01708 515151

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