Can the EMRS scheme support a needs analysis in Nigeria


We are a company based in London trying to get a foothold in the recently privatised Nigerian power sector. We want build a National Distribution and Transmission training facility in Nigeria to help with the growth of the sector.. We have secured a partnership with another British Company that are specialist training providers for the power sector.

The proposed Nigerian facility would be capable of training new and existing personnel (upskilling) across all the normal craft and engineering disciplines.

The final capital cost will be dependent upon the exact requirements of the Nigerian market and will require an appropriate needs analysis to be undertaken in order to determine the craft / engineering and discipline spilts. The proposal being put forward would also align itself to deliver internationally recognised and accepted City & Guilds qualifications for craft skills and foundation degrees, full degrees and masters from a first division university.

The proposed costs for undertaking an initial Training Needs analysis in Nigeria is what we seek assistance with as it is the first step before full planning of the proposed training facility can begin.


EMRS can assist you, the only one that would do this is in the North East and their contact number is 08450 505 054. For the Nigerian Power Sector the first thing you have to do is contact your local KPMG, of which there are two in London and one in Watford. The one in Watford has an email address as follows: [email protected] or telephone 01923 830 000, and the two in London one is in Salisbury Square and the other in Canada Square both have the same telephone number on 0207 311 1000.

There are opportunities in the Nigerian Power Sector and I suggest you look at and look at their PDF. You would have to write to various people or send copies to each person within a given department as follows: Federal Ministry of Power Amb. (Dr) Gooknows Igali , The Permanent Secretary 4th Floor, Phase II, Federal Secretariat Complex, Shehu Shagari Way, Abuja. Send copies to Roland Ekechi Director,Investment Sector and Development 5th Floor, and Olawojuwon Olaleye to the Honourable Minister of Power on Investment, Finance and Donor Relations 5th floor and to the TA Ms Olufunto Boroffice on the 5th floor.
I hope this is of use, and good luck.

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