Can my company legally export to Syria via Lebanon?


Our product is not a product to export to Syria, however due to the political problems in Syria, our customer would like for the goods to be shipped to Lebanon and they will be responsible to get into Syria.


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Could you let us know what product you wish to export as this would add a variation to the answer to your question.




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Assuming that the goods are not restricted or military items there is no reason why you can not ship your goods to Lebanon and have your customer make their own arrangments at destiantion to get the goods in to Syria. We recently shipped some cargo for a client to Lattakia, Syria and the cargo trans-shipped in Beirut, it took a while but got to it’s destination despite the current troubles.

Please see below link for more information regarding sanctions on Syria.

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Following on from Darren’s response regarding restricted and non restricted items, please note that there are also restrictions in dealing with Syrian customers.

I would suggest that where there is any doubt, you should contact UKTI’s Carl Jayasekera.
[email protected]

From UKTI Website:
Due to ongoing political unrest, Her Majesty’s Government no longer encourages trade with, or investment in, Syria. As a result, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) has ceased commercial work in Syria until further notice.


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