can i ship perfumes to pakistan ?


hi , I want to ship perfumes to Pakistan .


Hello Zahid,
Yes you can ship perfume to Pakistan but there are quite a few things you need to consider:
Perfume is hazardous cargo so special documents and rules apply.
It will need special packaging which is more costly than normal packaging
It can only be shipped in certain quantities and not all companies will take perfume
It will need to be labelled in accordance with Pakistani regulations
It will need to be chemically tested and approved as safe in accordance with Pakistani regulations
Shipping costs will be higher than for non hazardous goods

You need to work out a full cost model before you will be able to decide if this is a profitable business or not.



Response from Zahid…

Hi Susan,

Thanks for your reply, but I need some more information please. Like what documents do I need, second what are the requirement of packing, and please inform me what are the total charges if I will get all these services done by your company?? how much quantity I can send at a time what is the time frame for delivering these products, and is it door to door service??? Please tell me all information or please let me know from where I can get detailed information about this?? as I am still not clear. and if I will be aware off all service charges till delivery it will be much easy for me to calculate everything.

Zahid Ayyaz


My company provides training and consultancy on exports, imports and customs etc. So I am not able to provide packing services etc.

You need to establish the tariff code for your products see to work this out. Once you have this you can use this link to look at regulations, import duty costs etc. for Pakistan

I would suggest you speak to a company used to shipping hazardous cargo to get costs for packing and shipping. I have used Allport Cargo Services for this previously – if you wish you can call Chris Taylor on 01293 510236. He will ask you questions about the perfume you wish to ship such as the flashpoint and alcohol content – this is so the correct hazardous regulations can be applied.

As to delivery terms see

I hope this helps.
If you would like to see the training courses and consultancy that we can offer please look at our web site below.


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