Can I send ground spices to a customer in the USA from UK?


I have a new customer that wants our ground and blended spices for their shop. We have full traceability, but a, not sure what else I might need, e.g. Packaging changes, import issues around spices etc.


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Hi Graham, I’m the CEO of a translation company, which amongst other areas of work, translates food packaging, including for the US and Canadian markets. Our understanding, is that there isn’t a specific requirement to include Spanish on pack currently in the US, though some companies choose to do so. However the English labelling will need to be looked at by a compliance specialist. The reason for this is that FDA requirements for packaging are likely to be different to UK or European requirements. Happy to put you in touch with a specialist compliance company if you send me an email: [email protected] , alternatively, your US customer may well be able to advise on labelling requirements. Hope this is helpful.

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