Can I import meat products to Spain?


I am planning on driving a van full of meat such as sausages, bacon, blackpudding etc into Spain next summer & would like to know if their is any restrictions on this.
All products will be bought from UK & labeled.


Hi James

Check out the regulations for animal based exports on the DEFRA website –



Dear James

Thanks for your enquiry. The Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) – who would normally provide the certification for animals and animal products – have confirmed that there are no restrictions regarding the transportation of food products between the UK and Spain as both countries are in the European Union and subject to EU harmonised trade.

However, it is advised that you contact the Spanish authorities to establish whether they have any specific importation requirements.

The easiest way would be to contact the UK Embassy in Spain for further advice:

Tel: +00 34 917 146 412 / +44 (0)20 7215 5000 (for local call rate transfer)
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Hi James

Depending on how the products are to be sold, (assuming they are packaged in some way), you are likely to need any labelling to be in Spanish. We specialise in food label translation, so can help here, but the key issue is that of legal compliance. We have access to food compliance specialists who can advise on correct labelling if this is a service you need.

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