Can I export to all countries in Europe without encountering trade barriers?


Are there any countries in Europe that we can’t trade freely with? Obvously I am aware that we can’t trade freely with Russia.


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good morning Simon. can you tell us the products you export? In theory, they are no trade barriers when selling in any of the 28 EU countries (Croatia being the latest EU member state to join last July). so no customs requirements, no duties, etc unless your goods are alcohol, tobacco etc.
you can also invoice free of VAT if both you and your buyer are VAT registered.
We have produced a guide on exporting to Europe- the practicalities, which may be useful to you:
In practice you may encounter some difficulties, such as specific requirements mentioned by your distributor or agent or final client and if you are not sure whether these are legal then we can help and check for you. This also very much depends on the products you are selling.
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