Can I export Liquid plant food to Ireland?


I produce Liquid Organic Plant food, derived from composting and waste plant matter – do I need a licence to export this to Ireland, (Carlow) and if so, how do I go about getting one? Do I need to register with DEFRA to do this?
Thank you!


Dear Gwen,

Assuming your product is classified as a fertiliser under the 1991 Fertiliser Regulations and it is sold and marketed legally in the UK, it can be exported to any EU member state and sold there, unless that member state happens to have placed restrictions on the product (this is something you would need to check with your importer).

We would only issue an export certificate if you were sending it to a non-EU country. You would not need to register with us either.

To find out if it is classified as a fertiliser under the 1991 Fertiliser Regulations you will need to have tested its nitrogen, phosphorus and/or potassium content. If you need more information on this regulation please contact

It would also be worth just checking with the Environment Agency whether your product falls under waste shipment regulations: shipments of waste are subject to a range of regulatory controls. They will need a few details on the method of production and origin etc.

The Environment Agency
International Waste Shipments Team
Tel: 01925 542265
(Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm)

Best of luck in your endeavours.


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