can i export hair coloring products to pakistan


If yes. What is the best way to deliver the items so that it is not seized at any point or customs and reached its destination safely in one piece. How to get best delivery rates , and any legal requirements for exporting such products from UK or importing in Pakistan.


Hi Ali,

Find a freight forwarder in the UK that has an established export arrangement into Pakistan,

They do exist many ex British Pakistanis living in Pakistan do import and export goods.

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Hi Ali,

STI Global Ship containers of goods to and from Pakistan weekly. We have our own agents in Karachi, Port Qasim to look after clearances and deliveries inland out there.
There are no stipulations on shipping hair colouring, but if the products are hazardous we will need to know the Full hazardous nature like Hazardous Class, Un Number, IMDG Code, Packing Group. Number of packages, Gross Weight and Dimensions of each package, collection point in the UK and full consignee name and Address with contact telephone number, email address and contact name so that we can quote you a price.
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Our website is;

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Hello Ali,
Try researching via this link to find the specific regulations for your product

Hair colouring / dye will have to meet regulations regarding its chemical content, safety etc.
Each country has different rules. This is called product approval. Specific documentation will be required to demonstrate test results.

If products are imported that do not meet the rules they will most likely be stopped by Customs and will be confiscated. If they do make it through to consumers they will eventually be discovered and removed from sale.

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