Can anyone give any tips on how to export to USA


We are a family business who sell to individuals in USA on a regular basis and are keen to export.


Hi Paul,

It will be best to speak an agent in the USA who can check on import taxes and what is required to clear customs, we have 3 agents that we use to handle ISF and customs clearance for our clients.

We ship part loads and full load containers to the USA, we can quote if required.

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Hi Paul,

The invoice must state whether it is a “proforma invoice” or “commercial invoice”:

You will need to include:

1. The date of collection
2. The shipping agents waybill number
3. Your company name
4. Your private address or company address and country
5. Your contact name
6. Your telephone number
7. Your VAT / TURN number. If you are a business and do not have a VAT number print “Unregistered”. If you are a private shipper print “PR”.
8. The name of the company you are sending your consignment to (the consignee)
9. The address and country of the country of the company or individual you are sending to
10. The contact name at the company you are sending to
11. The telephone number of the company you are sending to
12. The company VAT number (if applicable) or Personal ID (PID) number of the person you are sending to (if applicable). This is required to clear your shipment through Customs. If the receiver doesn’t have a VAT or PID number you can put “N/A”
13. Number of parcels in the consignment
14. Total gross weight of the consignment in kilograms
15. Full and accurate description of the goods is essential for Customs and airline security purposes. Poorly described shipments could be detained for further examination by Customs and so delay the delivery of the consignment. Terms like Gift, toys, sample, faulty goods are not acceptable descriptions.
16. Number of items for each description
17. Unit value of each item
18. The total of box 16 multiplied by box 17
19. Total value of goods
20. State the reason for export e.g. sales, samples for review.
21. Terms of delivery – For example if the duty/tax is payable by the consignee. This is represented by the universal customs code “DAP”
22. Original signature, printed name, position of the person completing the invoice.

I have a template I can send you with all of this information on, just drop me a message, happy to help.

Good luck!

Ben –


Hi Paul,

As/when you feel it would be valuable to have a US worker representing you in the US, you may want to look at our service called Foothold America –

We employ people in the US on behalf of UK clients, removing the cost and bureaucracy of setting up a legal entity and employing US workers directly.

We started doing this for UK life science companies who wanted a presence in Boston, MA, and we worked closely with the British Consulate to develop a solution that works.

Let me know if you’d like more information.

Best regards,
Rob Johnson

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