Can anyone advise if consular invoices are still required for Central and Latin America?


I was reading up on Export Documentation today and came across some advice that consular invoices are required for Central and Latin America. The book I was reading was published in 2004, so I was wondering if this was still the norm. If anyone could advise on this matter, it would satisfy my curiosity. Thanks


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As far as Iam aware these consular invoices used to be required for most South American countries but may no longer be necessary as we certainly have not been these being used in recent years. And I have checked with our Chamber of Commerce and they are not aware of any requirements, Therefoe I would suggest that the book is out of date.

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As the previous respondant stated, many requirements for consular invoices have been relaxed, particularly for the major trading nations in that region. However some requirements may still apply, perhaps for smaller countries. Even if there is no requirement to produce a consular invoice, it may still be necessary to have some documents (such as certificates of origin) legalised by a consulate, or at least stamped by a UK chamber of commerce.

In addition, there may be specific documentary requirements for particular products, so it is as well to check on a case by case basis before accepting any order from that region. There are 2 main trade directories (Croners and Tates), which list documentary requirements on a country by country basis, and which are updated regularly.

If you don’t want to invest in one of those guides, I suggest that you come back to this website If you get an order, or even an enquiry, and specify what country and products , and I am sure that somebody will advise you. Alternatively you could approach your local Chamber of Commerce.


Thanks Chris and Mike
Your replies have been really helpful. I raised the question out of curiosity rather than a current business need.

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