buyers of salt


im looking to to start exporting my salts overseas, where can i find buyers please?


Dear Mike,

Thank you for your question.

It would be useful if you could let us have some more details about your product and your query. This will help us to find the right contacts to answer your question.

Which overseas markets are you considering? Are we talking about table salts or salts used in body scrubs ect… It would be really good to have a link to your website.




Good morning

We can help in shipping your products so if you need any help or rates please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards
Dave Eales
Excel Shipping Limited
Tel 01708 515151
e mail [email protected]



We can help in shipping your Salt product, we can get very competitive rates Import and Export

Please contact me on the below.

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Ryan Beck

02890 371144
[email protected]

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