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Morris Site Machinery is seeking business partners to act as agents/resellers or plant hire companies to sell and promote our products internationally


Have you tried contacting UK Trade & Investment? They have a range of services designed to help UK SMEs to enter new overseas markets. To find your local office, go to and insert your postcode.

Also, you might try contacting the Construction Equipment Association? They run a programme of government supported overseas events (exhibtions groups etc), which might help you to find overseas partners i


Having looked at your products, you would do well in countries that regularly experience power outages e.g. India, China, South Africa, to name a few, and also in zones that are prone to natural disasters. Also, the fact that you already have MoD approved machinery would put you in a good position to sell to Nato members and into the GCC regions.
Richard England


Hi Nick

Experience has shown us that one of the simplest, cheapest and most effective ways of building partners internationally is by taking on interns from Europe, who can hep you with language, research markets and provide ongoing support for your foreign distributors. Internships usually last about 6 months and many students speak three or more languages. We have found them to be driven, hard-working and flexible.

Hope this helps. Contact me if you would like to know more.
Madeline Blackburn

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