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We design, develop, prototype, test and low volume manufacture mechatronic (electrically driven moving) components to the automotive industry.

We have developed and now manufacture an underbody actuator for Porsche AG motorsport division, exporting directly to Stuttgart.

Our main focus is automotive although we design and develop from first concept to finished product for other industries too.

Although we have had enquiries from other German automotive companies our target audience (directors of engineering, innovation, engineered to order and senior buyers, probably at director level) are extremely difficult to contact but we understand they are likely to visit premiere exhibitions.

Which events/expos might be best for the likes of us?


Hi Pamela

This is something that we can assist with at My Business Counsel. Do you want to send me an email on [email protected]. We can then discuss further.

Have you approached the UKTI for information on exhibitions? As this is something they can assist with and also assist with finding you funding.

We work with clients on similar projects. Please do get in touch, and visit our website at too.



There are a number of expos and exhibitions in this sector still running this year in Germany. Check out:
Essen Motor Show

Hope that helps. If you need further assistance, do get in touch. If not, good luck!

Best wishes,


Dr Chris Thomas,
Director Milton Contact Ltd


Hi Pamela, as Chris says there are a number of Automotive trade fairs in Germany a few of which I have attended previously. 2 good ones to try are:
Stuttgart 24 – 26th June Automotive testing/Interiors/Components/suppliers etc
Frankfurt 16 – 20th September Automechanika

But if you google Automotive trade fairs in Germany there are loads of them.

Good luck

Sarah Smith
Ebrex UK Ltd

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