Becoming a Pharmaceutical Distributor



I am going to export medicine from the UK to Asia. I know I have to register the company in my destination country as their representative of that company.

How should I ask formally to be a representative of a pharmaceutical company?
Do I need to have a licence to export of medicine out of UK?

Ideally I need to know how I should ask for depute authority in a business in a formal way.




What kind of products are you looking to export? And where specifically in Asia? I work for the British Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and we can offer some advice to SME’s wishing to export, or alternatively, we can connect you with the right contacts who can help. The Philippines has opportunities in the healthcare sector.

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Before you even think of overseas markets you will need to register in the UK and obtain a Wholesaler’s Dealers Licence. Have a look at the MHRA website for details


Dear Mike

thanks for considering my question . I have looked at MHRA and actually the MHRA issues four different types of export certificates which I do not know which one is essential for me which only desire to buy medicine from a manufacture and sell them in Non EU country ( Iran):
Certificate of a pharmaceutical product (CPP)
Certificate of licensing status (CLS)
Certificate of manufacturing status (CMS
Certificate for the importation of a pharmaceutical constituent (CPC)

By the way I do not know " Wholesaler’s Dealers Licence" you advised is fallen in which categories?

Many thanks for help


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