Barcodes across Europe & Canada


I need to barcode my products that sell in Europe & Canada and wanted to make sure I was using the correct website/company to provide these barcodes. My questions are:

1. Are all barcode universal?
2. Who should I go to get the barcodes?

I hope this question is appropriate to this forum and apologise if not.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards


Hi Paul,

1. Generally speaking – yes. Read here:
2. I’ve used in the past, so far so good, no complaints from customers. Doesn’t mean anything though 🙂


Hi Paul,

I do believe that as with Guys response most barcodes should be universal. as to who you should get to do the barcodes then you need to look no further! We have been supplying, printing and applying barcode labels for several companies who are sending their products for export. we can overlabel the existing barcode and re-wrap the products into their packaging or re-wrap then so they seem untouched. we can also sent your products straight from our warehouse in containers, by road or by air depending on how you wish to ship.

i would be happy to discuss any requirements you may have.

i hope that helps.

kind regards, Mark

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