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I’m exhibiting at the International Jewellery show at Olympia in a couple of weeks and am getting press packs ready.

What information should I include to attract overseas buyers?

I am looking for some tips and hints on how to attract overseas buyers, last year at the show, I had a lot of interest, but didn’t have any information available to share with overseas buyers.

Thank you


Hi Sarah
I see from your website that you have some beautiful and unique jewellery.

I know we are in the age of digital and mobile cameras, but people need reminders when they come back home or to their outlets.

From the many shows I have done something visual to take away or to be reminded of afterwards.
Something that shows the types of jewellery that you have made – two sided A6 card in good high definition, or if you can afford it a little brochure showing rings, necklaces, collars and chokers that you have made in the past. Some information about your unique selling points.

For overseas buyers the difficulty is that they don’t want to carry to much bumph back in their suitcases. So the above brochures are actually more important digitally and can be sent to them later. This will mean uploading them to something like Dropbox and sending them the link to their email address, which you must get at the show. You can do this also by having an Ipad form that they can quickly fill in on your stand.

Then you have to follow up. You say last year you had a lot of interest, but then the next stage is the follow up. Sending this mailing list updates, offers, reminders etc.

If its an overseas outlet then there is a lot of potential which means the follow up has to be even more personalised.The sale needs to be closed off by you, it does not do it very often on its own.
There is a lot to do when selling & marketing your products to overseas customers. These are only a few ideas but I hope this is a help.
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Hi Sarah

In Indonesia most of Jewelry buyers is an big companies that already distribute international Jewelry brand such as Swarovski and Pandora.
However, we do not have any contact details of any jewelry companies in Indonesia and BritCham Indonesian do not have any members on Jewelry sectors.
hence we cannot gauge their interest in attending Olympia – International Jewelry Show.

BritCham Indonesia

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