Are there restrictions on exporting adhesive tapes to Zimbabwe?



Does anyone know if there are any restrictions on exporting self adhesive tapes to Zimbabwe and if we do sign a distributor agreement, could anyone point out if there are any pitfalls to

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Edward Wilson


Thanks for your question Edward.

You should hopefully receive answers from our community of experts shortly. In the meantime, the answers to this earlier question about Zimbabwe may be useful:

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Hi Edward,

I really wouldn’t have thought there would be any specific restrictions on self adhesive tape being exported anywhere.

Restrictions/licenses generally apply to the goods you might anticipate – hazardous goods, drugs, food, alcohol, animals, chemicals, bullion etc. That’s not to say that Zimbabwe, in theory, does not have controls for importing self adhesive tape (because country requirements differ), but, again, I’m almost certain that this wouldn’t be the case.

Just had a quick look out of curiosity and the following link might be of interest:

If goods can be classed as what we refer to as ‘general, non hazardous cargo’ then, generally speaking, this is about the least restrictive anything can be.

My background is freight forwarding so I won’t be of the most help on the distributor agreement front, but what I would say is Zimbabwe is a very expensive destination to get stuff to. Transit time for air freight I would imagine being approx 2-4 days from UK airport to Harare airport, Zimbabwe and could potentially even work out cheaper than sea freight, which genuinely could be approx 55-65 days ocean transit time (this is about the longest transit for any destination in the world if I’m not mistaken). Obviously a lot can happen in that time!

Difficult to advise further without more info so let me know if I can be of any more help. Be very prudent when agreeing terms!

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Thanks for your response Simon, that’s very helpful

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