Are there any specific regulations in Germany for importing electricity monitors?


We manufacture electricity monitors and we are interested in starting to trade in Germany. We are CE certified and WEE certified. Is there anything else we need?


Hi Emily, This question is to general, I need some more info. Please get in contact with me at the British Consulate General in Germany. Name is Mark Hughes-Kemper.


Hi Emily,

Thank you for your question.

Mark’s email address is mark.[email protected] His phone number is 49 (0)211 9448-157

I’ve taken a look at the Germany pages on the UKTI website, There is a Doing Business in Germany pdf which mentions Germany has a Standards Institute, Deutsches Institute fur Normung e.V. They have information on technical regulations, so might be of use.

Hope that this helps.


Jennie Rich
Open to Export team


Thank you both.
I need to know whether our product can be sold in Germany with the CE and WEEE labels or if we need an additional certification.

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