Are there any specific precautions that need to be taken when dealing with Liberia, Sierra leoane, Ghana?


Sending health resources and food aid cassava to Liberia also sending other materials to Ghana are there any restrictions and what checks and paperwork does one need entering an infected country?


Hi Rosa

Thank you for your question.

When tracking the movements in export regulation and legislation you may wish to seek guidance from fellow community member the Export Control Organisation (BIS):

During my days in industry I would not head to Heathrow without first checking the FCO website to get upto the minute travel advice:

When travelling to sensitive or compromised markets I would also print out a free online National Geographic map of the country and mark out my hotel, the local British Consulate General, any British military bases, the local hospitals and have briefed a translator if one was not already accompanying the convoy:

Dependant on the risk factor you perceive we have members of the community that specialise in Close Protection and maritime safety that may be able to protect you and your cargo:

I hope this helps.

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