Are there any restrictions to exporting titanium components from UK


We may need to manufacture sub sea components from titanium. Parts are exported worldwide.


Dear Mike

Usually Sub-sea components fall under a regulation of export as they fall under the dual use classified components of the Military list.

You may need approval for exporting titanium components depending upon the components manufactured.

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Nitin Datta


Dear Mike

Export licensing control office should be able to help on 0207 215 4594.
if you need help on shipping or freight rates please contact us directly on
01263 513127 or email [email protected]
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Dear Mike
If the components are made to military specification and are required for goods which are included on the Military Control List, you should apply for a strategic export licence regardless of the destination.

If the components are listed in CATEGORY 8 – MARINE of the EU Dual Use List, your goods may require a Strategic Export Licence and you should apply on SPIRE. You should also check other categories in the dual use list eg Special Materials and Related Equipment

Please see for further advice on How to check the Control Lists; What Types of Licences are available; What action you need to take.

If you export without a required licence, your goods will be subject to shipping delays.



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