Are there any restrictions on exporting aerospace goods to Turkey


We have an opportunity to supply a Turkish organisation with a significant amount of tooling which will later be used to produced parts to manufacture a helicopter.

Are there any restrictions / export licenses required etc?
As Turkey is not a full member of the EU, is VAT chargeable and recoverable by the Turkish company?


Hi Emma
Can’t answer the issue re restrictions/export licences, but my understanding re the VAT is that Turkey is outside the scope of UK VAT, and therefore not chargeable providing you have proof of the client being based in Turkey (e.g. a valid tax number). Please note that I don’t claim professional expertese in this area, and you should confirm any specific requirements with your accountant or other competent specialist. Of course if you need lots of technical manuals translated into Turkish let us know!
Hope this helps
Regards Mike


Dear Emma
Regarding export licensing we suggest you contact export licensing control office on
0207 2154594 or for their
advice. Mike advice about vat looks good.
If we can be of any help on the freighting side of things please contact us directly on
01263 513127 or email [email protected].
Best regards
Colin ; Crown Freight Ltd


My first port of call would be the Turkish Commercial Counselor’s Office, you can call them on 020 7838 9167 or 020 7235 5014 or email on [email protected]

If you need more advice regarding getting appropriate documentation, do let me know. My email is [email protected]

Best wishes


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