Are there any grants for UK based companies whose product will be bought by people overseas


We intend to launch a product a video game, which will be accessible on all platforms. It is our ambition that this game could be purchased not only from UK customers but from overseas, thus generating income from abroad.

The intellectual property resides in the UK, the assembly of the product will be overseas. The marketing/distribution will be through a series of agents abroad.
We also wondered if there were any research/development grants as the initial investment is in bringing the protoype to market, to either seek further investment or to hopefully launch


Hi Paul

Have you contacted UKTI about this? I believe they will have a few types of matched funding grants for you. You may also find tech specific funding through other bodies but I would start with UKTI.

If you need help localizing the game for a global audience let me know! and good luck!



Yea Paul get onto UKDTI and find your local team. you can if you’re completely new to this Like we are, a programme called Passport to Export. Loads of funding and help with the markets and who to speak too. You also meet like minded companies and they can help loads too.

Good luck with your game it’s brilliant when you get your first sales overseas. We are off to Norway next week on our first big overseas trade show. We are also setting up a US operation to but very small at first to test the water.

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