Are there any English/UK phrases that I should leave out of my vocab in North America?


Are there any English/UK phrases that I should leave out of my vocab? I’m from the North of England and don’t often realise if my language is quite regional. What do you think?

This question was asked as part of the ‘Beyond the EU: Opportunities in North America’ webinar. You can find a recording of the webinar here at:


Hi Meghan

Many thanks for your interest in the webinar we animated, and for your question.

In the US, we have not seen any particular issues with UK and American phrases where vocab should specifically be left out. The more important issue have been the regional differences in technical terms and units of measure. Making sure you present the American term to prospects will lessen the chance of confusion.

In Canada, it is also difficult to determine which phrases you should leave out of your vocab. One thing is certain: there is less differences in the vocab & pronunciation between UK and Canada than between UK and the US. But don’t be afraid: if your message is clear, your partners and clients will understand!

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Pierre Boesinger

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