Any advice on storage and shipping from US locations to US consumers


INTERESTED in storage and shipping from US locations to US consumers

This question was asked at our recent webinar Moving your exports forward – focus on transportation


There are a number of companies who can offer distribution and fulfilment facilities in the USA. If you wish to contact me separately, I will try to offer some advice – email : [email protected]


Hello guy,

Pretty straight forward in truth. The USA is huge as we all know so you may want to consider where to store the goods for distribution. That said, the normal courier type delivery services offer a range of options from overnight express to ground service which for the further afield locations would be 5-7 days. Storage fees in the USA can vary per region but not by much and as a rule storage costs are relatively low.

What you will likely want is a good visibility tool to help with stock levels, dispatch and returns (hopefully not too many).

We have multiple locations in the USA that can help with the storage and distribution and we have the visibility tool. Let me know if you would like to learn more on how we can help.



Hi Andrew, thank you for your message and overview. would you like to send me your company info and contact details?
Best Regards, Guy M.
[email protected]

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