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Does anyone have any tips for finding opportunities within the American public sector. We supply hydraulic and pneumatic components and have tried using the website to search for opportunities but it is a bit of a minefield and hasn’t been very productive.



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You may wish to browse through our opportunities section to establish if there are any current international business opportunities you would like to pursue. You can filter down the opportunities by country & sector to find the ones relevant to your business:

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Hi Nick,

Interesting question. One way could be to build relationships and your contact database in the US. A great tool for this is Linkedin. I’ve used it very successfully to establish and build international relationships. If there’s a particular department you want to get into, see if any of their employees are on Linkedin and connect with them. Don’t forget to also search for groups of relevance (with a view to join the group and participate) and look for introducers who already work alongside the department you’re looking for – this is a great way in.

Once you have the initial connection, schedule a Skype meeting to have a chat. Build that relationship and onwards you go.

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Just another piece to note, US public procurement is very pro USA manufactured goods and so the opportunities to supply direct are very small unless you have something, they simply cannot procure at home. Most companies wishing to supply to this market would be advised to have at least local presence of some kind, if not local manufacture to be considered.
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