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Can you export spirits from the UK to other EU countries with only English labels ie no translation of the labels into local language? In particular from UK to Spain.

I am fully up to speed on under bond and duties required to be paid, it is just label requirements within EU I am unable to get info on.


could you state which county you are based in and I will get one of our local advisers to get in touch with you.
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The European Commission issued a Communication (93/456) concerning language use in the information to consumers. This document states that ‘foodstuffs labelling and nutrition labelling must be provided in a language “easily understood” by the buyers’ which basically means that it is necessary to inform consumers in their own language.

All Member States are required to comply with these rules. In this context, the Commission encourages multilingual information and preserves the freedom of the Member States to require to use the language of the country of consumption. As to Spain, if you are planning to sell your products to the final consumers, the use of Spanish language is mandatory, in accordance with Spanish laws.

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Information on the Customs requirements for Duty Stamps is given in Section 15 0f HMRC Public Notice DS5. All notices can be found on our website at > Quick links – Library, Official Statistics > Publications > Notices, Information Sheets and other reference materials > Excise duties, environmental taxes and other duties and taxes > Yes to open site > Scroll to Subject Heading > Public Notices

Notices are listed in number order.

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