Agency Agreement


Does anyone have a template or example of an agreement for an agent selling a product ? We are in the medtech sector and trying to work with manufacturers on this basis. It would be useful to see a template contract so we can consider the various aspects of this when developing our own contracts.


We are niche corporate legal services law firm. We can assist with various marketing agreements including of course an agency agreement. We can assist at various levels from general guidance up to a full drafting service.

Please contact us on 08456 808 251 to discuss your requirement.


Usually lawyers write very one sided agreements which then take weeks or months to renegotiate or rewrite in order to be acceptable to both parties. Hallmark Solicitors may of course be different. We use the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) draft agreements which cover a lot of circumstances as the starting point when negotiating on behalf of our clients.

They are meant to be even handed to both sides. This makes agreement much faster, unfortunately reducing our fees as negotiators, not merely those of the lawyers’. The lawyers’ role is then writing the occasional new clause where there is some unusual requirement to add to the contract. It may still be prudent to ask a lawyer to read the final draft if you anticipate difficulties or the relevant legal systems are very different.


Yes, I have such a template (drawn up by solicitors, as it happens) but I cannot send it to you as I do not have an address.

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