AEO status achieved in UK – wanting to role out to EU business


Having achieved AEO status in the UK there is now the requirement to role out to our other companies in the EU.

We have common/group departmental processes owned by the UK parent company for which we have AEO.

Is there process imbedded in regulations I have missed that allows transferring the common/group process over to applications for other EU sites to aid swift application?


I am a Trade Advisor with UKTI Germany. I will be happy to find information for you. But I willo need to know more about the kind of processes you are referring to. Feel free to contact me direct via:
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Hi – we’ve helped a number of companies put procedures in place UK/EU with regard to AEO compliance. As far s AEO applications are concerned all EU Customs Authorities want to see that the organisations have adequate procedures and controls. If it is easier for you to meet this requirement by moving validated UK procedures into another member state then I cannot see a Customs objecting. It is the end result they are looking at not how you get there. Of course you will have to tweak the procedures to ensure they are compliant with the processes and any national regulations that may apply but other than that it seems a sensible solution. The Safety & Security side of AEO is different in that it must be site specific – but there will be some commonalities here to. We have been doing Capacity Team Building with a Sweden based organisation to ensure that all EU sites (and it’s extended to all international sites) follow the same customs procedures.

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Thank you for your responses,
My instincts were there would be alot of copying & pasting; having re-read the regulations based on the legal entity status saperate applications are required.

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