Advice on exporting alcohol



We have been trading for just over 1 year and make a premium frozen cocktail, mainly for the off-trade market but we do supply several on-trade venues.

We are just scoping out export opportunities and would like to information/advice on exporting alcohol. We have been considering Europe and/or Latin America, but really need to conduct a lot more research into which markets would be most suitable for our product.

If you have any experience or contact that might be able to help please let me know.



Hi Helen

First stop (if you haven’t already been there) is the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). There is a link to the FDA on the A-Z page of our web site (

While you check if you can import your product to the USA, pay good attention (if you haven’t already) about shipping costs. We have helped a number of UK SMEs avoid making expensive mistakes by getting realistic distribution quotations. If logistics is not economically viable, maybe you could think about having your product produced under license in the USA.

Finally, if you would like an early draft of a book we are about to publish (USA Success for UK SMEs), please contact me by email and I will be leased to send you a copy.

Best of luck


PS The USA is a great market for the type of product you describe. People here often invite you to join them "for a cocktail" when in the UK we’d ask people round for a drink. You are half way there!


Hi Roger,

Thanks for the information. If you could send me a copy, or just more details on the book that might be useful. I’ll have a look at the FDA site too.



I’ve received information from, and met with, UKTI.

Thanks to the regional team.

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