Advice around Export licenses for exporting poplar wood to India


Is it possible to have some advice on export license? I have registered a company in UK and going use it as base, I will buy poplar wood from Belgium/Romania and export to India. I am not sure do I need a export license in UK? or shall I start business and apply for license later. In UK I am going to deal with all export/shipping paper work so could you please advice me what shall I do?


Dear Mr Singh,

Thank you for your letter dated 8th December 2016 in which you are seeking guidance on the requirement of an export licence.

Based on the content of your letter, it is my understanding that you will be exporting wood from UK to India. If my understanding is correct then you will need to direct your enquiry to the Animal and Plant Health Agency. Please see following link:

Yours sincerely

Helen Wild
Customs and International Trade Written Enquiries Team

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