A gallery/store in Norway has asked me to purchase some of my Jewellery. What is the mark up ?


I don’t know about the jewellery market in Norway. I am a jewellery designer and my main medium is fine silver. A gallery/store in Norway would like to purchase some of my stock. What is the usual mark up ?


I am currently doing a market study covering a number of EU markets for a jewellery designer in Wales by the name of Carrie Elspeth www.carrieelspeth.com

The retailers will normally add anything between 90-100% on top of your export price. You then need to add the local VAT rate to get an end retail price to the consumer. In Norway, VAT is 25%. As you are doing business directly with the retailer you are by-passing the 30% mark a wholesaler would add to your price before selling the jewellery on to the retailer.

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Richard England


Response provided as per our telephone conversation earlier.


Hi Eliane

The mark up would be whatever the client wants it be be so if she sold in this country for £100 and wanted to add on 25% her selling price to Norway would be £125 converted into Norwegian Krona. Essentially it’s the clients decision as long as the Norweigan company are happy to pay it.

The client would need to convert in price before quoting.

Donna Whelan

Hope this helps.


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